6th Grade

Back in 6th grade it was cool to wrap just about any sweater, no matter the color or print, around your waist. I’ve seen long sleeves draped around waists all over the place again. 
So I gave it a go in Miami this past weekend.
It was a perfect easy outfit for trying on clothes at all the Lincoln stores. 

F21 dress (old) / J.Crew sweater / UO boots / Kate Spade crossbody / Madewell sunnies


  1. Adorable My Friend,you look ADORABLE! I hadn't been here in over a year but I am back and gosh I missed so much. So much is new with you and your life (mine too – come take a peek). I am so happy for you though Jaime. I am all caught up with your blog. I read everything where I left it off.

    Welcoming you to see mine. Ada. =)

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