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Halloween is kind of a big day for me.
Not sure if you know this or not… but I love candy. 
Like. L O V E. candy.
I’m in NYC this year…
Please tell me they don’t trade candy for cocktails?

That would be scary.

6th Grade

Back in 6th grade it was cool to wrap just about any sweater, no matter the color or print, around your waist. I’ve seen long sleeves draped around waists all over the place again. 
So I gave it a go in Miami this past weekend.
It was a perfect easy outfit for trying on clothes at all the Lincoln stores. 

F21 dress (old) / J.Crew sweater / UO boots / Kate Spade crossbody / Madewell sunnies

Life Lately

According to my iPhone
sunset wake surfing

nightly walks with my dudes

celebrating national coffee day


i heartachokes
eating my fair share of Panera pumpkin cookies

writing a new entry. sister pen pals.

winter park art festival

frisbee position

early birthday scratch offs

cutest Jeep mom around

super pup

Prepping for my Denver beer tour
I’m a happy camper.
The end.


This amazing man turns 32 today.
Which technically means he’s on his 33rd year.
I playfully remind him about his age. Yes, playfully.
I honestly can’t even describe in words just how grateful I am that he was born. 
Every single day he teaches me something different about life, love and the pureness of simplicity.
He puts up with my silly moods and massive sweet tooth.

He has this way with me that I just can’t explain.
To many more birthdays, my love.

Beauty Routine

I like to keep my beauty regime simple.
I don’t know enough about make-up to really spend a ton of time on it.
Plus, I do believe in the less is more approach.

I’ve recently switched to a couple Kiehls’ products and I love them. 
Their smoothing shampoo and conditioner is just that. Florida frizz be gone. And it doesn’t smell like a tropical drink you should be having at the beach so it’s good for the mister.

The difference between my old Maybelline BB cream and Kiehls BB Cream.. is well… leap and bounds. Not only do I have a higher SPF, but it stays on and really evens out my skin tone. WIN.

I’ll add a little bronzer around my cheeks and T-zone.
Do a couple swipes of mascara to my top lashes only. 

Give my lips a little color and treatment with Fresh Sugar in Petal.

Lather some argan oil on my hands and voilà I’m done.

True story, I can get ready in 15 mins flat. 


There’s no hiding my o b s e s s i o n with Pinterest.
Not a day goes by where I don’t get called out for my never-ending pinning antics…
Can’t help myself. 
But since I do spend some a lot of time on it, I thought I’d share some fellow Pinners that maybe you’d like to follow (if you’re not already!)
6. Katy Hill 
7. PPF Girl 
I love their pins and their style and hope you get some additional inspiration from them.
Now, can I get back to it? Gotta figure out what I’m packing for my weekend here.

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